Thursday, July 22, 2021

Guest Puzzle: In a Word by Robin Yu

difficulty: terse

I've taken most of July off to reap the fruits of Hot Vax Summer and/or celebrate my birthday - sorry for not saying this back on the 1st - but we'll be back to regular puzzles next week with a relatively easy themed puzzle. In the interim, we've got a guest puzzle from Robin Yu. If you're on the "Crosscord" - and why are you not, if you have a Discord account and like puzzles? - you might have seen a version of this puzzle on there, but it slipped under the radar. Undeservedly so, because it's one of my favorite puzzles of 2021 so far. (More on that a little later.) So with Robin's permission, and with some pretty minor editing, his puzzle is now getting the full audience it deserves.

Applet under the cut - enjoy.


  1. good puzzle, might consider even streaming it sometime

  2. Five stars! - Crotchety Doug