Sunday, March 7, 2021

Monday Mini #9 - Sponsored by Paramount+


Folks, I'm not much of a streamer. The cultural zeitgeist has left me behind, with its "Queen's Gambits" and its "Ozarks" and its "Oranges Which May or May Not Be the New Black." But do you know what hasn't left me behind? What you can always rely on? That's right. I'm talking about Paramount+, the new streaming service with all your favorite Television Content. I'm talking "Sponge Bob Square Pants: Kamp Koral." I'm talking "Tooning Out The News." I'm talking "Star Trek" - and I mean all the Star Treks, not just the one with the old Asian guy with the perched eyebrows from the memes. What a veritable cornucopia of streaming content, available for a highly affordable $9.99 a month.

Speaking of content you've grown to love and expect week after week, here is today's Monday Mini. Applet under the cut. Enjoy.

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