Thursday, March 11, 2021

#18: Not the Centerpiece of an Illuminati Ritual (Themeless #8)

difficulty: regular hard (Friday NYT)

Been seeing a lot of talk on Twitter about how to make themeless grids, so here is One Weird Tip that's worked out really well for me: whenever possible, put your seed entry at the bottom of the grid, and then work your way from the southern and eastern borders of the grid towards the northwest. This way, you don't frontload your best clues/entries, and you don't get saddled with crap like REASSESSES crossing SASS towards the bottom of the puzzle. (This particular puzzle was seeded with 68-Across, if you were wondering.)

Anyway, enough behind the scenes chatter. Enjoy! Special thanks to Norah Sharpe and Ken Stern for playtesting this bad boy. Applet under the cut.

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