Friday, June 2, 2023

#42: Toy Story


(insert sid's grids joke here)
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difficulty: medium

Pretty self-explanatory why this puzzle's theme was a no-go everywhere I sent it - and no, I don't mean because it's a... well, you'll see. Lyle Broughton, champion of reality TV and Bananagrams variants, did due diligence test solving this one (and confirmed for me the title on this one isn't too dupe-y).

I have a couple puzzles coming out in very exciting places this month, so keep your eyes peeled for those. Also, maybe check out my weekly midi for Crossword Club? I usually have the Thursday grid there; I like this puzzle I did for them today. Will Nediger discontinued his indie highlights series, irritatingly, which means I'll have to pick up the slack on those going forward, so I guess I'll post that this weekend. And then... maybe back to regular posting on this here site? Why not.

Anyway, applet under the cut. Enjoy.


  1. "champion of reality TV and Bananagrams variants" is probably my new tinder bio thanks q

  2. I loved this puzzle! Two palindromes, a joke up my alley, and 42A made me laugh out loud. I appreciate the extra work that it must take to clever up the cluing like you did, so thank you.