Thursday, October 20, 2022

#39: For Sexy MFs Only (Themeless #18)


difficulty: middling (Friday)
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The dulcet tones of the Lady Miss Kier can only mean one thing - the return of QVXwordz themelesses! Holy shit!

Not too much to say here. Astute solvers will note that this puzzle has 74 words, which is too many for the majority of crossword outlets; I estimate that at least one of the clues/entries here is a no-go at most crossword outlets, too. (Hint: it's the one that says MOTHAFUCKIN' in all caps.) Thanks to Ben, Josh, and Riley for test-solving.

Puzzle under the cut! Although, I've also included a fullscreen link above in lieu of a PDF (which you can just make with the Amuselabs applet anyway), in case you want to solve it that way. Have fun!

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