Thursday, April 8, 2021

#22: Evaneference (Themeless #9)


Holy fucking shit, Evanescence are playing Donkey Konga for the Nintendo GameCube!

difficulty: very hard (Saturday)

Been a while since one of these themelesses came out. This one is kind of a spiritual successor to Themeless 6 in that there's a bunch of long propers scattered throughout the grid, but it's a tad easier than that one. Still really hard, particularly if you don't remember the '90s, or if you're unaware of the hottest New Yorker since Lucas "Uses Venmo" Chi. (Don't click those links until after you've solved the puzzle, LOL.)

Thank you to Norah Sharpe and Brendan Quigley for playtesting this bad boy. (Yes, THAT Brendan Quigley. I know, how cool, right?) Applet under the cut; enjoy.

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