Thursday, December 31, 2020

#7: Countdown to Ecstasy


difficulty: "happy medium" (Wednesday-ish)

So yesterday I looked backwards towards the bright spots in 2020, puzzlewise. Today, we look towards the future. My very bright future, because this puzzle is IMO the best of the themed ones on my site so far, and I definitely feel these puzzles sort of clicking into place in a way they weren't previously. So I have confidence that, with this newfound cruciverbal power under my (elastic pajama) belt, you'll be seeing a lot of me in more major outlets come 2021. Just a hunch. Grey Lady, here we come.

But enough about me. I'm definitely looking forward to Malaika Handa's daily 7x7 puzzles, and I'm not just saying that because this brilliant project of hers was directly inspired by one of my stupid questions (long story). And of course, the promise (some would say "threat") of an "et 2, etui?" has me shook. But honestly, considering just how many must-solve constructors came onto the scene this year who had never so much as even touched Crossfire not even six months ago, I have absolutely no doubt that my socks will be knocked into the stratosphere by someone who no one's even heard of. Who knows, maybe in 2021 this blog can be a launchpad for the next star constructor-in-the-making.

So yeah, enjoy the puzzle. Applet under the cut. I hope I'm not "dropping the ball" here. (Little New Year's Eve humor.)

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